Security Tokens of Alternative Investments in the palm of your hand

We use the avant gard blockchain technology to give access of alternative investments to everyone everywhere in the world.

Increase your return by diversifying your portfolio into tokenized real assets.

Our DEx has a layer specialized in each of the traditional alternative investments. What was once a high-return investment for access to a few due to high market value and operating cost is now available to everyone, everywhere.

Stable coin paired with fiat currency

No inflation or fluctuation on stable coin, allowing it to be safe for investing in security tokens.

Security Tokens

We replicate the same rights of real assets structures in tokens. Digital copies of the real book.


micro-transaction and fractional transaction with liquidity. Giving access to a fractional part of the total asset to everyone.


Protocol to guarantee remuneration to token holders, votes on projects and even issuance of new tokens.

Unprecedented Velocity to exchange real assets 24/7/365 with protocol safety.

Alternative investments are financial assets that do not fit into one of the conventional investment categories. Therefore, you will not find this highly profitable type of investment in your bank or brokerage.

The reason is that alternative investments are more linked to specific projects in the real economy, in which the investor can finance or become a partner in projects in areas such as: Agribusiness; Real estate market; Distributed power generation; Commercial sector; precatories; Startups; Venture Capital; Private

Equity and Distressed Assets.

As you can see, we are talking about a very

profitable and safe category, which until recently was only available to large investors.

Blockchain provides robust transaction security, ensuring that investors are investing in Real Asset Tokens. In addition, Security Tokens allow the Token holder to have the same rights as a shareholder, borrower, shareholders and so on, which drastically reduces transaction costs and allows for greater interaction between the parties.

In addition, the blockchain allows the Token to be fractionated, that is, the partial acquisition of an asset becomes possible on a large scale, which also allows for greater liquidity and asset turnover.

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If you have an alternative investment and would like to know more about how KATE can help you, do not hesitate to contact us. We have solutions for the Startup, Real Estate, and private debt securities layers that are already being implemented and can guarantee decentralized funding, with higher valuation and return for your company.

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